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Court Room Tips
The Court Room may be one of the most intimidating places you will ever be. Once you have entered into the Court Room you will have given control of your divorce -over to the Judge. You no longer have control and all decisions will now be made him or her.

The following are some tips to help prepare you for the Court Room
  1. Do not expect the Judge to make the "right" decision. There are three ways the judge can rule: Your way, your spouse's way, or the Judge's way. As you can see 2 out 3 are not in your favor.

  2. Try to resolve as many issues as possible before entering the Court Room. See Tip #1.

  3. Once in the Court Room, if you have an attorney do not speak unless you are asked to do so by the Judge.

  4. When addressing the Judge always call him or her "Your Honor".

  5. Always thank the Judge when you are finished speaking. Always be respectful.

  6. Never speak to or make comments to your opposition when you are before the Judge.

  7. Leave all hostile and negative emotions at the door. Do not make faces or gestures when the Judge or your spouse's attorney is speaking. Judges see this and do not appreciate it.

  8. Dress appropriately. Business casual is ok, no jeans, tee shirts, tank tops, short skirts, low cut blouses, etc. Your going into a court of law, not on a picnic.

  9. Take notes. Don't leave anything to chance. You may not be able remember everything that is being said.

  10. Do not take children into the court room unless told to do so by the Judge. This is your divorce not your children's and they should not hear what goes on in the court room.

  11. Be prepared. Bring as much information, and any pertinent documents that you possibly can with you. It is better to have too much ammunition than to be caught short.

  12. Bring a book or magazine to read as you might have a long wait before your case is heard.

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